Thursday, 4 April 2013

Stock Rom For the Huawei Y210D.

Here are a couple of stock rom's for the huawei y210D you can flash them on any Huawei Y210D. These are meant for flashing from the update app provided inside the phone.

After flashing change the language to english by going in to setting's, And root it using the rooter provided in my blog.

Rom link customised for Viettel telecom(vietnam) Download

Original Huawei branded rom Build 839 Download  (This is barebones rom, no default gapps so you get a lot of free memory, some inbuilt apps still exist but can be easily removed by rooting your phone using my tutorial.)

Here's How you use the above Rom files to update or flash your mobile :

Backup your contact's and data that may be there in the phone memory first, optionally keep a sd card back too  on the pc.)

Extract the dload folder to your sd card's root first then proceed to steps below (extract the dload folder not just the file inside or it won't work.) [to avoid problem's do a factory reset first from phone setting's or wipe cache/dalvik/factory reset from CWM recovery, it's not mandatory to do this but just to be on the safer side]

1) Go to setting's in your phone and click on storage,as in the image below 

2) Now click on software upgrade

3) Now click sd card upgrade

 4) Click Confirm.

And it will begin flashing the selected firmware it will take two minutes, your old data will be wiped out, sd card will not be formatted.

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  1. i must say stock sucks badly no drawer (drop down)kind of window which allows to make some needed changes like wifi gps etc

  2. as a option you can add the power control widget which is there in the rom and add fattin data toggle widget + and mobile data on /off for quick 2g/3g switch. or just use notification toggle instead of these two. until mods for notification toggle come out in status bar itself.

  3. i need in notification bar which i had in my stock rom. :/

  4. i bought this phone 2-3 weeks back it was restarting randomly i went to service center they flashed it but i faced same problem. then i flashed with Original Huawei branded rom Build 839 given here and im facing same problem. It crashes n restarts sometimes. any solutions?

  5. the phone may be having hardware issues,take it back to the svc till its fixed

  6. sir, my huawei y210d has boot loop bug is it bricked?

  7. my y210d was already rooted and cwm but i dont know,if its bootloader was unlocked or locked
    but i can say its locked ,,bec i flash ur rom but it says installation aborted!
    can u help me sir,is there any solution

  8. a mi no me deja entrar de esa forma se callo el O.S ii lo intento acer desde recover pero nop me jala, me aborta el proceso, a pura ley tiene ke estar en memoria del cel, pero nop puedo guardar, la rom original, en el cel, ke solucion me pueden dar...

  9. This is a good topic

    but this ????

    What this update?

    My Mobile died

    Is there a fix?

  10. it worked perfect for me from rooting to flashing rom
    thanx alot