Sunday, 21 April 2013

Some Fact's you should know before buying the huawei y210D.

1)Can this phone be rooted? Yes this phone can be rooted.

2)Are there custom rom's available? Very few and not with much customization.

3)Are there and custom kernel available? Not Yet.

4)How is the battery life? It is great, and better than most android phones on the market. P.S :- Use the provided charger only as i found a samsung charge would not charge the phone properly.

5)How much ram? 170 MB. Yes not 256, out of 170 around 50 mb is free on installing apps such as whatsapp,instagram,twitter etc

6)Can i play subway surf? Nope it does not work, may work  for some time but eventually crashes. Chainfire does not seem to help in this game.same goes for temple run etc.

7)Downside's to the phone? Camera is poor,Low ram,Less phone memory (root+link2sd solves that), Swapping applications do not work.Haven't tested with swap partition.

8)Pro to buying this phone? It is very cheap with the best battery life, can play all the videos using mx player no need to convert videos,good processor,non-hd games work fairly well,the user interface is fast with no lags,gps is good, get's a lock within second's and is accurate up to 5 meter's,Sound on this phone is good and loud,Good 3g speed's i get up to 500kbs download speed.Display is good for the price and uses very less battery.

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Y210D Custom Rom. CWM recovery Flashable. (No need to root,Super user Included in the rom)

This is Y210D Custom Rom for the Y210D.

Just flash it using your CWM recovery. If you don't have recovery plz check my post on rooting the Y210D to get Recovery.

Download here : Click Here.

After flashing this rom you do not need to root your mobile phone again.

Please change the language to english after flashing and you can remove app you dont want from it using titanium backup. Please don't remove essential system application or it will cripple some functions of your phone. Enjoy.

PS :- No screenshot's. If you can provide some please post a link in the comments.

Credits to : 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Wifi Not working FiX, for people who rooted Y210 using Y210D files. Stock Firmware for the y210.

Here is the link to the stock firmware for the huawei y210-100.Y210 Stock FW. Not for Y210D. click me. If you people want to root your phones you need to use the insecure bootimage from your phones to root it.
I haven't been able to get the  insecure boot image for your phones, i will put it up as soon as i get it.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Batter Mod to change your battery indicator to DIGITAL. Show's battery remaining in percentage. [y210d]

This is a cool and permenant mod to show your batter charge as numerical digit's.Help's us know exact batter status/charge. Download

Just download the cwm flashable package to your sd card and flash via cwm Recovery. If you dont have recovery. click

To use recovery switch off the phone and start it with volume up + power button pressed. Keep fast boot option in setting's in your phone unticked before doing this.

use recovey using vloume up and volume down button and use power button to select options.

to flash this select install zip from sd card option in recovery and then browse and select your zip. BAM restart your device and your have the mod. :)

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CWM flashable gapps [google apps] package for your Y210D.

This is the google apps package to flash via cwm recovery in case you removed any of the google apps or if the rom doesn't have them.  Download

 The steps are pretty basic boot in to recovery using volume up + power button, then select install zip from sd card and select the zip and flash, now reboot the device.

 If you don't have recovery installed you can get it from my post on how to root your phone click Link. to go there, it contains steps to install recovery too.To use recovery use the volume up and down button to scroll through options and power button to select the option.

Stock Rom For the Huawei Y210D.

Here are a couple of stock rom's for the huawei y210D you can flash them on any Huawei Y210D. These are meant for flashing from the update app provided inside the phone.

After flashing change the language to english by going in to setting's, And root it using the rooter provided in my blog.

Rom link customised for Viettel telecom(vietnam) Download

Original Huawei branded rom Build 839 Download  (This is barebones rom, no default gapps so you get a lot of free memory, some inbuilt apps still exist but can be easily removed by rooting your phone using my tutorial.)

Here's How you use the above Rom files to update or flash your mobile :

Backup your contact's and data that may be there in the phone memory first, optionally keep a sd card back too  on the pc.)

Extract the dload folder to your sd card's root first then proceed to steps below (extract the dload folder not just the file inside or it won't work.) [to avoid problem's do a factory reset first from phone setting's or wipe cache/dalvik/factory reset from CWM recovery, it's not mandatory to do this but just to be on the safer side]

1) Go to setting's in your phone and click on storage,as in the image below 

2) Now click on software upgrade

3) Now click sd card upgrade

 4) Click Confirm.

And it will begin flashing the selected firmware it will take two minutes, your old data will be wiped out, sd card will not be formatted.

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