Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Stock ROM for Y210D From india build 856SP01 plus rooting method and custom recovery.

Here is a stock rom for your Y210D, U8685D-1(Y210D) bUILD 854SP01

You can download it from  Click Here

And here is how to flash your stock rom  Stock Rom Tutorial.

Keep in mind you will have to root  the phone again and also install Custom Recovery, please use this from our blog to root your phone Click Here Root 1 or Here for root method 2 Root 2 .

The Root 1 method will download drivers and root files from internet automatically and can root any build of your firmware also many  phone models supported and In root 2 method you can root without internet connection. Also there is CWM Recovery Guide in Root 2 Method.

So Let the flashing begin.


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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Best way to root your Huawei and many other android phones with minimal hassles.

Now no more fuss of downloading driver's and many other files for you phone in order to root it. Kingo Root is your best bet to root your android, all it requires is an internet connection and it will do the rest. 

No need to manually do anything, all you have to do is download and install Kingo Root from here,

 Click to Download . And it will do the rest.

To see all the devices supported by Kingo Root  Click Here.

 I have tested and it works in the huawei y210/y210d.

Enjoy rooting your android and have exploiting it to it potential.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Please post your request's and problems here!

Hello Everyone,

                       Lately haven't been able to update the blog, due to work.Hardly get any time for myself.Please post you needs/request here and i'll try to fulfill them as and when i can.Will be posting some new updates next week so please keep checking the blog.

Some thing's i have on the list of updates are, 

1) A stock firmware with toggle switches in the notification bar for Y210 D
2) Stock firmware for the y210 and rooting procedure for the y210. (not the Y210D).
3) A new way to root the y210D.



Sunday, 21 April 2013

Some Fact's you should know before buying the huawei y210D.

1)Can this phone be rooted? Yes this phone can be rooted.

2)Are there custom rom's available? Very few and not with much customization.

3)Are there and custom kernel available? Not Yet.

4)How is the battery life? It is great, and better than most android phones on the market. P.S :- Use the provided charger only as i found a samsung charge would not charge the phone properly.

5)How much ram? 170 MB. Yes not 256, out of 170 around 50 mb is free on installing apps such as whatsapp,instagram,twitter etc

6)Can i play subway surf? Nope it does not work, may work  for some time but eventually crashes. Chainfire does not seem to help in this game.same goes for temple run etc.

7)Downside's to the phone? Camera is poor,Low ram,Less phone memory (root+link2sd solves that), Swapping applications do not work.Haven't tested with swap partition.

8)Pro to buying this phone? It is very cheap with the best battery life, can play all the videos using mx player no need to convert videos,good processor,non-hd games work fairly well,the user interface is fast with no lags,gps is good, get's a lock within second's and is accurate up to 5 meter's,Sound on this phone is good and loud,Good 3g speed's i get up to 500kbs download speed.Display is good for the price and uses very less battery.

If i have missed any please ask in the comment's below. Thank you!  Please like our fb page.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Y210D Custom Rom. CWM recovery Flashable. (No need to root,Super user Included in the rom)

This is Y210D Custom Rom for the Y210D.

Just flash it using your CWM recovery. If you don't have recovery plz check my post on rooting the Y210D to get Recovery.

Download here : Click Here.

After flashing this rom you do not need to root your mobile phone again.

Please change the language to english after flashing and you can remove app you dont want from it using titanium backup. Please don't remove essential system application or it will cripple some functions of your phone. Enjoy.

PS :- No screenshot's. If you can provide some please post a link in the comments.

Credits to : 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Wifi Not working FiX, for people who rooted Y210 using Y210D files. Stock Firmware for the y210.

Here is the link to the stock firmware for the huawei y210-100.Y210 Stock FW. Not for Y210D. click me. If you people want to root your phones you need to use the insecure bootimage from your phones to root it.
I haven't been able to get the  insecure boot image for your phones, i will put it up as soon as i get it.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Batter Mod to change your battery indicator to DIGITAL. Show's battery remaining in percentage. [y210d]

This is a cool and permenant mod to show your batter charge as numerical digit's.Help's us know exact batter status/charge. Download

Just download the cwm flashable package to your sd card and flash via cwm Recovery. If you dont have recovery. click

To use recovery switch off the phone and start it with volume up + power button pressed. Keep fast boot option in setting's in your phone unticked before doing this.

use recovey using vloume up and volume down button and use power button to select options.

to flash this select install zip from sd card option in recovery and then browse and select your zip. BAM restart your device and your have the mod. :)

Please comment and like our facebook page for more updates.

CWM flashable gapps [google apps] package for your Y210D.

This is the google apps package to flash via cwm recovery in case you removed any of the google apps or if the rom doesn't have them.  Download

 The steps are pretty basic boot in to recovery using volume up + power button, then select install zip from sd card and select the zip and flash, now reboot the device.

 If you don't have recovery installed you can get it from my post on how to root your phone click Link. to go there, it contains steps to install recovery too.To use recovery use the volume up and down button to scroll through options and power button to select the option.

Stock Rom For the Huawei Y210D.

Here are a couple of stock rom's for the huawei y210D you can flash them on any Huawei Y210D. These are meant for flashing from the update app provided inside the phone.

After flashing change the language to english by going in to setting's, And root it using the rooter provided in my blog.

Rom link customised for Viettel telecom(vietnam) Download

Original Huawei branded rom Build 839 Download  (This is barebones rom, no default gapps so you get a lot of free memory, some inbuilt apps still exist but can be easily removed by rooting your phone using my tutorial.)

Here's How you use the above Rom files to update or flash your mobile :

Backup your contact's and data that may be there in the phone memory first, optionally keep a sd card back too  on the pc.)

Extract the dload folder to your sd card's root first then proceed to steps below (extract the dload folder not just the file inside or it won't work.) [to avoid problem's do a factory reset first from phone setting's or wipe cache/dalvik/factory reset from CWM recovery, it's not mandatory to do this but just to be on the safer side]

1) Go to setting's in your phone and click on storage,as in the image below 

2) Now click on software upgrade

3) Now click sd card upgrade

 4) Click Confirm.

And it will begin flashing the selected firmware it will take two minutes, your old data will be wiped out, sd card will not be formatted.

  That's all folk's. please comment and like our facebook page.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The proper Way to install link2sd/app2sd on any android phone by partitioning the sd card.[rooted phones only]

Many low end android phones have low phone memory due to which we can install only a limited number of application's to the phone, even though there in an option (native a2sd support in newer android version's) to move the app to sd card in settings>applications> manage application's, this still does not completely move the application to the sd card and it will go on filling the phone memory in no time. We have to option's here, they are using app2sd or link2sd. [require's root access]

app2sd will install all your apps directly to sd, where as link2sd gives you options to install it to sd card/phone memory or move it to phone memory/sd card after installing. i prefer link2sd.

(this can be done using mini tools partition software on pc too but i find cwm recovery way easier to do)

Please install launcher's,widget etc to phone memory so that they work without problems.
Backup your memory card data to the pc before doing this or you will loose all data on the card.You will have to re install apps that were on the sd card so uninstall them before hand or you can do factory reset from phone menu or do Wipe data /factory reset+wipe cache partition+wipe dalvik cache from recovery .if you have no apps installed on sd card you may skip this.

You will need Custom Recovery(CWM) installed,if you don't have it already get it from here Link (Follow the giude in link to install Recovery in your phone or if you want to root it too)

App2sd from here Download
Link2sd from here Download

Now boot in to recovery by powering off the device then powering it on while holding the volume up(+) button, When you are in recovery use volume up and volume down buttons to select options and press the power button to select the option,touch doesn't work in recovery mode.

1) Scroll down and select advanced

2) Now select Partition SD card.

 3)Select the appropriate size of the new ext partition which ever you like.

 3)select 0 M here. soon as you select 0 m the process will start, it takes long time so be patient.

4) Once it is done it will show done, as seen in the screen shot.

Now select go back and select reboot phone now. Wait for it to reboot.

Now you have to install app2sd or link2sd on the phone.
I use link2sd so when you open link2sd for the first time this is what it will show , Select ext3 and click ok. and exit link2sd and restart the device. If you get error creating mount script etc try selecting ext4 and press ok. 

After restarting the device open link2sd again and finish the configuration as shown in  the pictures.You can keep the install location on automatic. now on installing an app it will be moved to the new partition on the sd card. 

It should show linked to sd card, that means it is on the new ext partition. 
Do not select move to sd card option in link2sd otherwise app will be moved to sd card instead of the ext partition and when you attach your phone to pc's usb to move data the app in card wont work but the apps in ext partition will still keep on working. To move apps to ext partition use Create link option instead of move to sd,after clicking create link tick all checkboxes it may show and click ok. that's all.

Thank You.Please visit again for more useful stuff to come.
Cheer's. Comment & bookmark.

Rooting your huawei Y210D SmartPhone. Plus clockwork recovery.

Facebook Fan Page for the Huawei Y210D Click Here

Before goin in to recovery mode or fastboot mode untick the fast boot option in settings>application setting's.

First on all the essentials that you will require to root your phone are

The phone driver. Download Here (device Drivers)

Y210D Rooting Files. Download Here (package contains SU Binary, BusyBox,Super user Binary and root Explorer.)

Optional if you only want to install CWM Here is the link Download Here (this contains only cwm, to install connect you phone in fastboot mode, power it off the switch it on by holding VOL Down + Power (for 10 seconds) and Run the Recovery-here.bat file in the Archive. (fastboot mode only shows a logo and remains stuck at that)

To boot in to cwm recovery switch off your phone and start it while holding the volume up and power button for 10 seconds. use recovery menu using vloume up and volume down button and use power button to select options.Touch does not work in recovery.

Let's Get Started with rooting :

1)install the drivers for your phone, given above.

2)In you phone setting's enable unknown sources, and usb debugging.

3)Also disable fastboot option in your phone settings.

4)remove any cables attached to your phone power off the device and remove the battery.

5)now reinsert the battery and keep the volume down (-) button pressed, now with vol down pressed press the power button. leave the power button but keep the volume down button pressed, for about 10 second's. After ten secs you can release all the button''s.

6)your phone is now in fastboot mode, attach the data cable to the the phone and make sure the drivers are installed properly to your device from Device Manager.

7)Now extract the rooting files to your hard disk and tun the Runme.bat file inside "Huawei Y210D Rooter.rar"

Follow the onscreen instruction, this proccess will take about 3 minutes and your phone will be restarted once, till the phone restarts do not switch off the pc or remove the data cable. After phone has restarted Your phone will be rooted and CWM will be installed Automatically.

8) to boot in to CMW power off the phone and press the volume up (+) and power button. keep the volume up pressed for 10 second's and you will be in to recovery. :) Enjoy Your phone.

Credits to and .

After the Rooting is done install this application Root Checker Download Here to verify that you phone was rooted correctly and busybox,su etc was installed correctly.After rooting is done you should see two icon for Super user and Root explorer.

It should look like this when you run root checker :

Feel free to comment if you are having any difficulty rooting the device.